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C2Fo Supply Chain Finance

C2Fo Supply Chain Finance. American company c2fo, which deals with 50 to 60 million invoices per day and handles a total of more than $3000 billion has succeded in becoming the number one supply chain fintech company in the world by providing a dynamic discounting service (among all the other products) that connectes less established businesses with investors and credit. Unlike the static discounts of traditional scf, the c2fo platform allows suppliers to select the customer invoices they wish to accelerate and determine the discounts.

5 Myths About Supply Chain Finance C2FO
5 Myths About Supply Chain Finance C2FO from

Unlike supply chain finance solutions, c2fo’s comprehensive network enables all of your suppliers to access accelerated cash flow. How is this different than supply chain finance or factoring? On any given day, vendors from around the world have $43 trillion tied up in accounts receivable.

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